Monday, June 1, 2009

Somewhere There June 2009 Newsleter

As I previewed last month, the highlight this month at Somewhere There is the AIMToronto Interface Series, 5-7 June, with fabulous Swiss-born, Paris-based saxophonist, Urs Leimgruber, a regular collaborators with such talents as Barre Phillips, Fritz Hauser, Joelle LĂ©andre, and Marilyn Crispell. See the program here. It’s interesting timing that this event comes on the heels of the series with Evan Parker, one of the few European saxophonists with to whom Leimgruber can usefully be compared.

The new residency in June is the intriguing duo of Allison Cameron on small, amplified things and Nobuo Kubota, voice and microphone. Allison had her own residency last summer, and it was terrific to hear her in so many different contexts. The programming for the series with Nobuo is not yet fixed but, at a guess, it will reflect a similar diversity.

Somewhere There also wishes to extend thanks and express enthusiasm (and relief) that the Toronto Arts Council has stepped up to our request for support for the residency program. The modest grant that’s just been awarded will subsidize about 150 shows during the 2009-2010 season of residencies, starting with Allison and Nobuo's. This will go a long way toward making viable these residencies in particular and Somewhere There in general. Thank you for supporting informal music-making!

Lastly, I’ll mention that Somewhere There’s good friend, Jack Vorvis, had his bicycle stolen from outside the studio on 24 May. Jeremy Strachan has kindly agreed to program a fundraising concert, Sunday 14 June, featuring Jack with a bunch of friends – programming is to be announced.

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