Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Somewhere There November Newsletter

November brings with it the start of three new residencies at Somewhere There. Wednesdays feature the wonderful See Through Trio, with Pete Johnston (bass), Tania Gill (piano), and Mark Laver (saxophone), one of the great, undersung groups in Toronto’s scene. None of these wonderful musicians are self-promoters, but their music – a thoughtful and inviting take on a tradition that stems from the great Giuffre/Bley/Swallow trio which features beautiful compositions by all members – really shouldn’t need it. Furthermore, The Rent plays Steve Lacy repertoire every Sunday at 6pm. Susanna Hood (voice & movement), Scott Thomson (trombone), Wes Neal (bass), and Kyle Brenders (soprano saxophone) welcome drummer Nick Fraser (and, in his stead on a few dates, Dave Clark), replacing Brandon Valdivia, who is traipsing about God-knows-where.

The third new residency is a good-natured response to those who chirp about shows starting and ending too late for comfort. Morning Music features a trio that formed for the Suoni per il Popolo Festival in MontrĂ©al last June – John Oswald (alto saxophone), Scott Thomson (trombone), and Germaine Liu (percussion) – every Friday morning at 7:55 AM (Yes. In the morning.) The cover charge is $5 or free if you bring pastries and/or fruit to share. Scott will make you a mean coffee (or a normal, not-so-mean tea) at no cost.

Moreover, Scott Peterson continues his Thursday-night residency through November, featuring a different assemblage each week – check the Somewhere There calendar for details. Also among the new developments is the migration of Steve Ward’s Panic Density Series to Somewhere There from the Tequila Bookworm, where it was recently ousted by unsympathetic management. This series will be on alternating Monday nights, starting on 16 November. Lastly, the end of the month, 27-29 November, will featuring an AIMToronto Interface Series with the terrific Bay Area percussionist, Gino Robair. The details of the programming are to be announced (check the AIMToronto website), but a Toronto version of Gino’s improvisation opera, “I, Norton,” is planned.

We look forward to seeing you this month.